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Welcome To my site, river angler Hi. I’m Andy, just a normal guy who loves fishing and loves the Yorkshire countryside.I love to travel throughout the county and occasionally beyond and fish these fantastic rivers that we in Yorkshire are blessed with. When you fish all the Yorkshire rivers like I do you get to see some fantastic countryside and this website is my way of showing people the rivers and the countryside that they flow through.

I put as much information as I can in these pages to help other anglers who may want to fish these rivers. It’s just my way of putting a little back into the art of river fishing and show Yorkshire in all its glory. I am helped by Russ Mark and Phil so drop us a line and meet us somewhere on a Yorkshire Riverbank.

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We are lucky in Yorkshire to have such a huge amount of river fishing available and a wide variety of species from gudgeon to Salmon. The rivers in Yorkshire are so diverse in character they offer something for everyone with all types of fishing styles catered for.

Fly fishing for Trout Grayling Salmon and Sea Trout. or coarse fishing for pleasure or in a match, Barbel fishing has been popular for years and the species is native to our county and our rivers hold plenty of them. Whatever your quarry take a look around our site and I’m sure you will get some idea of where you would like to fish and what for. Please send us any info that you may have and photos cheers.

And don’t forget some of our Yorkshires rivers have been altered in some way to alleviate flooding or for some other reason but most of our river system here in Yorkshire remains the same as it was formed during the last ice age. Think about that the next time you are on the river bank Tight Lines.


Take a look at Februarys Fishing in Yorkshire from the Environment agency

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River Angler river dearne salmon parr

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We get quite a few emails from anglers who fish the river Nene around Wellingborough one from Bryan Dray told us about his club.Wellingborough and District Nene Angling Club  or YDNAC see our post here.  YDNAC

Take a look at this sea trout and salmon north Wales club.  


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Take a look at some more photos of rivers in Yorkshire here Google photos  

take a look at our very own river expert Russell Barker on his You Tube Channel  UK FISHING BLOG 

Like us Russell is an avid Angler so keep an eye on here and his You Tube channel for more great videos.

A lot of our rivers in Yorkshire have an otter problem see the sites below for more information.   https://twitter.com/Otter_Predation        http://www.riverangler.co.uk/otter problem


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